Our Story

Our Story

My "WHY" behind Liv Polish.  When my daughter Liv was 4 years old, she became curious about makeup especially nail polish. And with most little girls, nail polish is usually the first beauty product we let them try.  Why not, what's the harm, I thought?  Well there are many reasons why it's harmful and it's alarming.  Most nail polishes we see on store shelves or in nail salons contain toxic chemicals that can cause numerous side effects.  

With Liv having asthma (like myself) I try my best to limit her exposure to harsh chemicals for her to use or breathe in. My fear of her having an asthma attack is an every day concern. So with something as simple as applying polish to her nails, I was very apprehensive.  After much research, I was really surprised and shocked to find out that even some of the nail polishes that I thought were safe, were not. 

When I explained to Liv that nail polishes were not safe for her, her eyes began to water and she asked me if we could make our own.  I remember looking at Liv's disappointed face and promised her one day we would.  Even though I'm crafty, I was not so sure if I was up for the challenge, but I always kept her little idea in the back of my mind.  

Two years later when I was pregnant with my third child, I started researching further into making our own safe polish.  And during my research, I came across a nail chemist in my very own city that could help me.  Together we developed a 10-free, vegan, and animal cruelty-free nail polish.  Liv and I were thrilled and we came up with our first summer line of 7 different shades inspired by flowers.  In fact, one of our shades is a pale pink named after Liv's full name Livia Rose.  

Liv and I have spent the last year designing our very own line of nail polish, developing media content, having fun and exciting photoshoots, and spent countless hours testing our colors on each other (painting each others fingers and toes lol). It's been a fun mother and daughter bonding experience and we can't be more excited in sharing our product with you!



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