Yoga + Meditation

Yoga is referred to as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that connects the body, mind, and soul. Originated in India, Yoga is said to enrich awareness while creating a mind-body-soul balance. It is meant to purify, heal as well as strengthen the body to liberate the truest self. Today, it is usually incorporated to improve fitness and calm the mind and body through various breathing techniques often paired with meditation.

Yoga is one of the most gentle forms of workout that allows an individual to relieve any muscle tension, enhance flexibility, boost strength and gain balance, and build endurance via controlled movements and mindful breathwork. With relevant poses (asanas,) breath work, and meditation, Yoga can even work to improve concentration and relieve stress. Among other several therapeutic benefits, Yoga also works to treat severe back pain and muscle tension. 

Traditionally, Yoga existed as a spiritual practice, the goal being union with the divine. The word "Yoga" implies joining or binding together. Therefore, the practice of Yoga actually aims at joining the body, mind, and soul. Today, Yoga is practiced around the world as a tool to deliver physical and spiritual benefits.